The world is changing! At Luminous Minds Project we believe it is time for a new way of thinking and learning about mental health and what we deem the standard for intelligence. We believe if the education system was inclusive to all minds and focused not only on the needs of the state but the growth, safety and development of our citizens we would have a drastically different society and world. One that is not only scientifically and technically advanced but one that is humanistic in nature, socially, emotionally and creatively developed, multi-intelligent, culturally literate, and trauma informed.

 Luminous Minds Project is an anti-oppressive educational  coaching and consulting company developing social, emotional community based education opportunities / events to evolve, heal and grow out loud together. We provide creative workshops, classes and coaching sessions to develop a new way of thinking that is Trauma Informed and emotionally conscious.  We use Buddhist Philosophy as a foundation for a clear view of life to better understand the mind, the human experience and to expand our conscious awareness of our selves, others and environment.  It's okay to change your mind about how you think and learn. 


We are dedicated to providing our community with relevant updated research, trends, data and statistics in  Neuroscience to support our trainings in emotional intelligence, ACEs and Brain Health that help you upgrade your thinking about yourself, others and your environment in order to see the world humanely.   

Our Mission

Luminous Minds Project mission is to liberate minds. We are dedicated to bring awareness to the importance of knowing your self, others and environment and how they interrelate

with one another.

We provide vital life skills to help individuals develop socially, emotionally and creatively to awaken a new way of thinking and being in the world. We give a conscious perspective on

mental health issues, addiction, learning differences and

Neuro Diversity. We provide courageous space to learn, process and metabolise new research that effects our lives socially and emotionally. 

We actively advocate for Trauma Informed Care and equitable Arts Based Education in our public schools, business', institutions and organizations to create psychologically safe, Inclusive and emotionally supporting spaces for all minds. 

We place story telling at the center of everything we do to better understand and connect to ourself and others through honest heart to heart dialogue.   


A group of young adults sitting in a circle smiling and listening to one another.
An outline of a face withe the cosmic universe artfully filling the image that is illuminating.

Our Philosophy


"Education is a crucial part in the intricate process of the development of human beings."

-Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

Luminous Minds Project is deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophy to remind us of the value of human life and that every life on this planet has the potential to create value within our society regardless of circumstances. We believe everyone has the capability to gain an awakened state of mind that is multiple intelligent. With education, meditation and application we can evolve our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits  becoming more compassionate, understanding and inclusive to others. 


We seek solutions to eliminate oppression, racism, ableism, bullying and all forms of social exclusion in our schools and community. We provide a new way of thinking with a humanistic approach to education that is community based and spiritually up lifting.

We bring forth the revolutionary work of Buddhist philosopher and Educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi to effectively change minds and grow a social/emotional understanding to education. 

Makiguchi's theories of value-creating education have inspired a growing body of research as well as innovative projects around the globe.