Advocating for creative minds labeled LD/ADHD while promoting Social, Emotional, Artistic learning. 


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We are a community based lead social justice organization dedicated to breaking stigma around Learning Differences while creating inclusive space for all minds advancing how we interact socially, emotionally and artistically. We are actively reaching out to those with hidden wounds, injuries and or learning difference that are facing homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, addiction and trauma to advocate for their educational needs. Neuro-differences and psychological injuries do not discriminate and effect every community. We strive for intersectional socialization to strengthen friendships and community bonds to create a clear path way for our humanity to thrive through artistic collaboration and community building. We reflect on ways we can collectively heal from discrimination while bravely looking at issues that harm our local communities and how we can use art, story telling and heart to heart dialogue to bring us together. 


Our Mission

Luminous Minds Project mission is to advocate for those that have hidden wounds or invisible disabilities (LD/ADHD, PTSD, CPTSTD) from Adverse Childhood Experience. We promote Social, Emotional and Artistic Learning for healing and to evolve our sense of the world and how we interrelate. It is our goal to learn, grow and connect with all kinds of minds advancing how we socialize, connect and create with each other. Teaching the power of narrative, we place storytelling at the center of our mission to empower each other to grow and expand their life.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the effectiveness that Arts & Culture Education creates in our society and the valuable impact within the lives of it's citizens. We strive to bring forth a humanistic approach to self development and community engagement. 

 One that is deeply rooted in buddhist philosophy to encourage each individual to expand their their understanding of self and how that relates to others and their environment. When we value our own lives we will begin to value the lives of others with a deep understanding of the radical act compassion and empathy has on you, your surroundings and community members. 


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