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Luminous Minds Project advocates for youth and adults from Adverse Childhood Experience also known as ACE.

We understand the devastation that trauma can have on brain development and the social effects it can have later on in adulthood.  It can leave behind Invisible Wounds such as CPTSD that is often misdiagnosed as LD/ADHD, BPD, BiPolar Disorder, OCD, Anxiety or PTSD. We are very aware of the further harm those with Invisible Wounds endure in the Education System that perpetuates the over diagnosing/medicating of our youth, the School-to-Prison Pipeline and The Medical Industrialized Complex that further traumatize and injure. While BIG Pharma profits off of our pain leaving those of us with Hidden Wounds and Invisible Disabilities in it's wake.

It is difficult to heal alone. Finding conscious, modern support and recovery and education can be hard to find due to lack of awareness, education, training and resources within traditional therapy. That is why we come together as a community to support one another in a trauma informed, psychologically safe, culturally literate space to affirm, and validate each other's diverse lived experience. We offer a safe space to be heard and to be witnessed in our struggle as we rise out of the darkness and into the dawn of health, new friendships and a new way of thinking.  


We are actively advocating for Trauma Informed Care within our Institutions, Schools and Organizations. While also fighting for Arts Based Education in our Public Schools that help assist our learning and healing simultaneously.  

 Neuro-differences and Psychological Injuries do not discriminate and effect every community. We strive for intersectional socialization to strengthen friendships and community bonds to create a clear path way for our humanity to thrive through breaking generational trauma in artistic collaboration and community building. We reflect on ways we can collectively heal from discrimination and stigma while bravely looking at issues that harm our local communities and how we can use art, story telling and heart to heart dialogue to bring us together. 


Our Mission

Luminous Minds Project mission is to advocate for ALL kinds of minds to expand their awareness of self, others and the environment we live in. We bring light to those with Hidden Wounds or Invisible Disabilities (LD/ADHD, PTSD, CPTSTD) and bring awareness of the effects of  ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) has on brain development.

We train and create Trauma Informed Spaces to change culture and engage others humanistically. We provide Coaching, Consulting, MeetUps and Dialogue groups to discuss social and emotional issues that are harming members of our community.

We place story telling at the center of everything we do to better understand and connect to ourself and others through heart to heart dialouge.   



Our Philosophy

We believe in the effectiveness that Arts & Culture Education creates in our society and the valuable impact within the lives of it's citizens. We strive to bring forth a humanistic approach to recovery, self development and community engagement.


One that is deeply rooted in Buddhism, which teaches that each person has inherent courage, wisdom and compassion to face and surmount any of life’s challenges. Reminding us that suffering is natural while political oppression and social and emotional corruption is not.  We encourage liberation through a process called Human Revolution. Encouraging each individual to expand their understanding of self and how that relates to others and their environment. We take responsibility for our wounds that have been inherited and dedicate ourself to breaking generational karma through our own efforts. When we value our own lives we will begin to value the lives of others with a deep understanding of the radical act compassion and empathy has on you, your surroundings, community and ultimately society.


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