Advocating for creative minds labeled LD/ADHD while promoting Social, Emotional, Artistic learning. 


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Coaching / Consulting

Meet with our trained Strategic Intervention Coach to gain social and emotional skills that will help you navigate relationships and your environment with more awareness and ease. Learn vital skills to psychological self protect yourself  from abusive personality types.  Become astute at navigating systems and finding the solutions you need for your advancement. Learn about your innate abilities and begin to hone your energy and emotions to become more effective in school, business and organizations. Get empowered about the way you think and process information. Send us an email today to get started! 

Mondays - Friday

9:00-5:00 pm

In Person


Video Chat

LD/ADHD Coaching

Whether you are neuro divergent or a neuro-typical mainstream thinker we all have the ability to create something of value. It is important for you to tap and connect to your creative abilities to feel more connected to yourself and others. Learn vital skills and tools to overcome your creative wounds so you can begin to create, express and verbalize your ideas, passions, and love with the world. Learn to think like an artist to gain leverage at school, work and in your community. 

Monday - Friday


In Person 


Video Chat

Creative Coaching

Let us help you leverage social, emotional and artistic communication and interaction at your school or organization. Trainings and one on one consultations are available. Create trauma informed/ creative spaces that are inclusive to all minds. Learn how to change the culture in your classroom, business and or organization to be one that is welcoming, inclusive and culturally literate. 




Educational / Business Consulting