Coaching / Consulting


Coaching is Trauma Informed & Anti-Oppressive 



10:00-6:00 pm






Meet with our trained Trauma Informed, Strategic Intervention Coach to gain vital  social, emotional and creative life skills to effectively heal your life.  Awaken to a new way of thinking about mental health,  Neuro-Diversity and or Hidden Wounds. We will educate you about the root causes of mental dis-ease, the effects of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and empower you to become the cause of your own healing and recovery. We provide liberating education, tools, strategies and insight to give you long lasting feelings of connection and self empowerment.   


 We highly recommend 4 coaching sessions to see guaranteed results.

Coaching is Trauma Informed & Anti-Oppressive 


Mondays - Friday

9:00-5:00 pm

In Person



We specialize in helping youth and adults rehabilitate from internalized oppression and ableism that can be emotionally and creatively devastating.  Educational and Medical trauma is real and can leave long lasting negative imprints on our minds, hearts and spirits if it goes unresolved and or untreated.  We are here to help you recover your true self from negative out dated social messaging by providing historical context and information to truly empower you of your brilliance and innate creative genius! 

It's time to get liberated about the way you think and learn! Meet with our trained Trauma Informed, Strategic Intervention Coach to gain awareness of how your Learning Difference and or ADHD is actually your social/emotional advantage and SUPER POWER! Become astute at self advocating and navigating out dated systems to find the modern solutions you need for your advancement. Gain vital life skills to hone your creativity, energy, abilities and emotions to become more effective in school and business. 

We highly recommend 6-8 coaching sessions to gain lasting results.

Payment options are available. 

Coaching is Trauma Informed & Anti-Oppressive. 

CREATIVE COACHING-  'Think like an  artist!'

Monday - Friday


In Person 



Whether you are Neuro-Divergent or a Neuro-Typical thinker we all have the ability to create something of value. Creativity is a natural resource that each of us have within. However, due to oppressive systems we are born into and or socialized within we may not have been giving the opportunity, tools and or access to fully develop our innate creative gifts. It is never to late to recover them. You only need the willingness to learn new skills and a different way to think.  Together we will dismantle the blocks that keep you trapped in limiting belief systems, recover your original self and gain new insights into to your unique abilities. By getting creative coaching you will be able to create, connect, express and verbalize your ideas, passions, and love to the world.  


We recommend 4 sessions for lasting impact.  

Coaching is Trauma Informed & Anti-Oppressive 

Educational / Business Consulting




Let us help you update your thinking to be more in rhythm with the times! Trainings and one on one consultations are available to move your workplace forward. Emotional Intelligence is proven to be the most important quality and sought after skill of our leaders today. We now offer EQ Training and provide up to date knowledge of the importance of  Trauma Informed Care to be inclusive to all minds. Learn how to change the culture in your classroom, business and or organization to be one that is welcoming, inclusive, psychologically safe, culturally literate, creatively liberated and humanistic!  

We recommend a 30 min consultation to see if we will be a good fit for your organization. 

We will then provide an estimate of recommended course of action. 

You are welcome to attend our free intro EQ Training on the last Monday of the month throughout 2021 10-12pm.