Trainings / Workshops


Become socially responsible by becoming aware of social issues that effect your community members. Learn how to better socially interact and understand those that are different than you. 


Develop your emotional intelligence by participating in performance based workshops that will help you connect to your self, others and environment naturally and authentically. 


Advance your ability to process information differently. Discover your innate Creative Intelligence. Learn from local artist how their education in the arts gives them leverage in relationships and business. 


Everyone has the capability to expand their consciousness and awareness through the willingness to stay teachable. Open your mind to a new way of processing information and developing yourself. 

A youth in a baseball cap, listening to headphones and smiling to self.

 As technology advances changing the way we interact and communicate with one another... we think it's vital for our humanity to upgrade how we socialize, emote and creatively express ourselves!    

It's time to Upgrade
our thinking! 

Due to COVid-19 we are now holding trainings and workshops online. check out our online events page! 

Available Workshops

Luminous Minds Project is available to come to your community, school, work or organizations to offer a new way of thinking about yourself and environment by providing workshops to expand your social and emotional awareness. 

It's okay to change your mind about how you think and learn!



Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability of each of us to understand how we individually interact with ourselves, the people around us and the environment.  Built on this understanding is the ability to make changes to our behaviors to enhance our relationships and society. Consider how the relationships in your community and organization impact the world around you. Learn out loud with us as we explore a new way to think! It's okay to change your mind! 

4 hour training JUNE 12TH/ JULY 10TH / AUGUST 14TH @10AM-12PM PDT


This 6 week workshop is created to rehabilitate your innate creative intelligence that has become underdeveloped due to lack of arts education or access to arts in our daily lives. You will learn the the vital importance creativity and creative expression have on our wellbeing and mental health . We are all born creators and have the ability to create what we can imagine in this world. In this course we will heal, grow and learn about our innate creative intelligence so we can create the world we imagine. EVERY SUNDAY TILL JULY 11TH. DROP IN WELCOME 1-3PM PDT/ 4-6PM EDT Drop Ins only $25


The Resilient Heart Workshop. Learn how to build your heart intelligence to gain mental toughness to better navigate the times. We know just how hard it can be to stay heart centered during these turbulent times. That's why we bring you Pierre from Heart Math! He is a certified Heart Math instructor who has worked with clients in the NFL, NBA, NHC and with olympic champions. He helped coach them to become more resilient and mentally agile by using their innate heart intelligence! He knows about tough but truly believes in the transformative power of the heart! *JULY 2021* 

Trauma & The Brain

Adverse Childhood Experiences are scientifically proven to have long term effects on the brain and its development. In this workshop we learn how Learning Differences, ADHD and other leading causes of mental illness is not always genetic but caused by oppressive/ dysfunctional environmental influences. This powerful workshop reveals the leading cause of addiction, mental illness and hidden wounds.  We will enlighten you to the social and emotional reality students with Invisible Neuro Differences face every day. We will present creative solutions to take back to your school and or community that are neuro-divergent friendly, anti-oppressive and trauma informed. FOR MEMBERS ONLY *Available in Fall 2021* 

The 6 Human Needs

Every day you make certain decisions and take concrete actions that come about as a result of how you think, feel, and the habits you indulge in. Most of the time you probably don’t give these decisions or actions a second thought. However the 6 Human Needs are the basis of motivation of human psychology. Learn how to identify your own needs to better understand the needs of those you are in service to. FOR MEMBERS ONLY *Available Now*

What is Rankism?

Rank underlies many other phenomena such as racism, abelism, ageism, sexism,  mentalism, homophobia , transphobia and hazing. Learn how it effects society and communities. Discover how the school system teaches and encourages Rankism at the expense of those that learn and create differently. You will have opportunity to reflect on rankism and how it may effect your relationships and community. We will collectively brainstorm how we can overcome it to protect and defend the dignity of all life. FOR MEMBERS ONLY *Coming Soon 2021*


Become knowledgable in identifying  bullies, narcissists and other oppressive personality types that are fundamentally abusive that can cause you great psychological harm if unaware of them. It is vital for Neuro-varient and or heart centered thinkers to be aware of these types of thinkers that feed off your generosity, creativity and emotions. Learn skills to self protect so you can live and create with a sense of safety, security and well being. FOR MEMBERS ONLY *Available Fall 2021*

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