Jodie Knowles She/They
Creator and Founder

Jodie Knowles is the Creator/Educator/Advocate for Luminous Minds Project.

Critics have called her 'Intuitively Brilliant' and is a highly sought after female voice throughout the west coast speaking and teaching on important social and emotional systemic issues that is affecting our society today. She provides a fresh perspective on Mental Health issues, Learning Differences and Hidden Wounds. She wrote and performed in her one woman show LEARNING CURVE speaking to audiences as large as 2,000+. She uses her show as an artful conversation starter to start powerful dialogue to break stigma and silence around Learning Differences and Hidden Wounds that is rooted in systemic racism/ableism.  Learning Curve bravely explores the school-to-prison pipeline, over-diagnosing, medicating, isolation, segregation and expulsion of students. Knowles uses spoken word poetry, dance and traditional story telling to engage the audience and to better connect with them socially and emotionally. 


Knowles is a fierce mental health advocate and speaks openly about her experience as an ACE kid trapped in Special Education being mislabeled and misidentified causing further trauma and harm to her brain. After years of searching for a solution and right diagnosis to CPTSD, she artfully explains how she found liberation in self healing and recovery through performance arts, story telling, community based education, buddhism, decolonizing the mind, and reconnecting to the human experience.  She believes that developing social, emotional, artistic and cultural intelligence is vital to ending the cycles of racism, gender based violence, abuse, bullying, addiction and mental illness within our families, communities and society. 


She created the Luminous Minds Project from seeing a desperate need to change the narrative of mental health, learning differences and hidden wounds while providing education, support and advocacy to community to better support the healing process. She educate and coaches clients, consults with educators and mental health professionals to think differently and works to support youth and adult that have been formally incarcerated. Knowles is a trained Strategic Intervention Coach, Creative Coach and a certified HAP Trainer. 


​If interested in booking Jodie Knowles for a one on one coaching session or interested in her speaking to your community, school, business, organization or institution please send us an email at

She is currently seeing new clients and available to meet online using ZOOM.

Thank you to community members that have supported and volunteered during our development process that are not listed above. We may not be able to name each of you individually but we feel the impact you have made. We acknowledge the emotional & intellectual labor, love, care, shared resources and knowledge you have contributed. Your contribution and support over the years have been vital to the growth and expansion of this project. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your friendship and your unwavering belief in us.

You will always be apart of our LMP family. Thank you!


 Promoting Social, Emotional, Artistic learning for our societies advancement. 


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