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 We are a collective of like minds dedicated to creating space that is inclusive to those that want to explore their social, emotional and artistic life. We collaborate with individuals that are socially aware, emotionally intelligent, inclusive, and have a fierce dedication to preserving Art and Culture in our society. We are committed to attending on going trainings in our community to stay conscious, aware and courageously evolving out loud working toward the liberation of all hearts and minds! 

Jodie Knowles she/her
Creator of LMP / Writer & Performer in Learning Curve

Jodie Knowles is creator of Luminous Minds Project and writer/performer in our Artful Conversation starter Learning Curve. Jodie is a neuro-divergent queer artist/coach/advocate that has over 20 years in the performance Arts, 15 years as a Nichiren Diashonin Buddhist, mentored by Daisaku Ikeda  and 10 years as a Creative Strategic Intervention Coach.  Critics have called her 'Intuitively Brilliant' and a highly sought after female voice on the west coast. She has performed in numerous award-winning independent films, theatrical productions, festivals, in schools, prisons and institutions. Knowles is an allumni of Freehold Theater Studio Lab. Volunteered at The Women's Prison in Purdy teaching acting and poetry to inmates for 4years. She has coached clients through the creative and writing process and consulted with the University of Washington. She is a trained  from Creative Coaching Association, Strategic Intervention with Robbin-Maddanes Training, Neuro-Linguistic Training from International NLP to help clients psychologically untangle themselves from oppressive systems and thinking to give instant relief to those with Learning Differences. Knowles is dedicated to educating educators on the power of Arts Based Learning helping to create inclusive, trauma informed and psychological safe spaces for neurodivergents and creative thinkers. She believes the arts have the power to heal and transcend human suffering."When we allow our selves to be seen and heard by others is the moment we transmute the pain of isolation and feelings of loneliness." 

Chelsey Wright They/Them

Operations manager/Tech Support/Ally

Chelsey Wright is a supporter of the arts and is passionate about LGBTQ and LD/ADHD issues. They have a Master's in Psychology from Capella University focusing on Applied Behavior Analysis to help serve those with Autism.  They are a fierce ally to the neurodivergent community as a past educator in Special Education and volunteer for Special Olympics. They currently volunteer at The Lambert House in Seattle WAs that creates safe and loving space for at risk LGBTQ youth. She has a passion for non profit sectors helping to contribute to their growth and expansion. They live in Seattle WA with their partner, cat Charlie and dog Maudie. You can spot Chelsey running around behind the scenes helping to bring important conversations forward. 

Karen Vargas she/her
Partner/Collaborator/Mentor Living Arts Cutural Heritage Project (Bully You Bully Me)

Karen Vargas is a fierce Anti Racist worker, organizer and trail blazer in Bremerton Washington. She is a former U.S Army Sargent and alumni of University of Washington that is dedicated to building community, preserving and lifting up the voices and experiences of students of color. She advocates for dignity of students and fights on a daily basis for inclusion, racial equity, cultural sensitivity and historical preservation. She is founder of the Living Arts Cultural Heritage Project and Race Equity Network. She believes in building community that is diverse, rich and dedicated to the liberation of all people. 

Nikki Visel She/Her
Facilitator/Collaborator (Director of Learning Curve)

Nikki Visel is a Seattle based actor, director and teaching artist performing locally with Taproot Theatre Company, Seattle Shakespeare Company, ArtWest, ReAct Theatre and others. Nikki is also a teaching artist for Path With Art (an organization providing arts access and education to people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma), Taproot Theatre Company (in collaboration with Fairfax Psychiatric Hospitals), and Seattle Shakespeare Company (including their in school residencies). Her directing work includes the short plays Ordinary Giants and O2 at On The Boards/12 Minutes Max, the premiere of Arcana at Open Circle and Arthur: The Hunt at Fringe Act. Nikki believes that art is required in order to thrive and has a deep and vital faith in the power of storytelling to change lives, cultures and the future.

Jessica Jobaris She/Her

Facilitator/Collaborator (Choreographer for Learning Curve)

Jessica Jobaris, a Seattle-based choreographer, performer, and instructor, has been exploring 

movement and awareness for 20+ years. She holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, and has been a guest instructor of dance at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle Pacific University, Velocity Dance Center, University of Utah, and Dock 11 (Berlin, Germany). In the US, she performed with Mark Haim, KT Niehoff, Maureen Whiting, Scott/Powell Performance, and Carr Mixed Media in NYC. In Germany, she worked for Jess Curtis/Maria Scaroni, Felix Ruckert, Kirsten Burger, and for German MTV.  In 2011 launched Jessica Jobaris & General Magic, a dance-theatre, multi-media performing company, intersecting catastrophe and comedy.  Her latest evening-length work, A Great Hunger, was commissioned by On the Boards in Seattle, WA. She has a deep enduring love for helping others process their human experience, in both suffering and joy, through physical movement and dance, in challenging and playful ways! 

Ebo Barton They/Them
Facilitator/Collaborator LMP Poetry Troop

Ebo Barton is a Black and Filipino, Transgender and Non-Binary, poet and educator. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington (by way of Los Angeles, California).  As a representative of Seattle, they've been on 4 National Slam Teams and participated at 3 Individual World Poetry Slams.  Their most notable poetry slam accolade is placing 5th in the world in 2016.  Ebo curated and directed, How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology and wrote and directed the award-winning play, Rising Up.  You may have seen Ebo's work in Adrienne: A Poetry Journal by Sibling Rivalry Press, SlamFind, Write About Now, Button Poetry and All Def Poetry.  They and their work have been featured in Seattle WeeklySeattle Gay NewsSeattle Review of Books, King County Metro and Crosscut. Their work touches on political issues from a personal point of view and often is birthed from the struggles of living in the identities that they are. Ebo believes in the power of language and art as a tool for revolution.

Chelsey Richardson She/Her
Facilitator / Collaborator LMP Poetry Troop

Chelsey Richardson, a Seattle native believes that poetry lives everywhere. She has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington and currently works as an educator at Nova Alternative High School where she facilitates a poetry committee, Naked Truth a performance group that combats stereotypes through Spoken word and mentors for the youth writing/spoken word organization Youth Speaks. She writes about race, politics, and motherhood. In 2007, 2011 and 2016 she earned a spot on the First Women’s National Poetry Slam team stage to compete against some of Seattle’s greatest female poets.  She has been published in Intersections, the University of Washington's interdisciplinary journal. Her writing was selected for 4Culture's poetry competition Poetry on the Bus. Her critics have praised her work “Her writing requires you to think critically and examine the world in which we live. She is a writer that truly represents independent poetic expression. There is a cleverness and creativity in her prose that draws the reader or listener in. She is an amazing teaching artist and mentor in Seattle who is poised for a dynamic career.” – CD Forum for Arts and Ideas.  

Tshaka Cambell He/Him

Facilitator / Collaborator LMP Poetry Troop

Tshaka began writing poetry long before performing it in an attempt to find his own voice and point of view. He has authored three books of poetry and short stories and is an accomplished artist touring across the globe, featuring at venues such as the legendary Apollo Theatre and the O2 in London England. He continues to be inspired by the struggle of life, the uncertain certainty of the universe and what it chooses to hand you. His wife and daughter show him the way daily, as well as so many authors and poets such as Octavia Butler, Ben Okri, Rumi, Baldwin, and countless others who spin language like silk. He currently resides in San Jose and continues to ask the world to listen different.

Mighty Mike McGee He/Him

Facilitator / Collaborator LMP Poetry Troop

Mighty Mike McGee is a funny stand-up poet from San José, California. He's performed his comedic storytelling and poetry in thousands of cities and towns for millions of ears throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. McGee won all of the most coveted U.S. poetry slam titles and is one of the best known and liked people in the world of chatty writers. He was appointed Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley) for 2018 & 2019. He’s been featured on CBC, NPR and HBO multiple times and takes pride in making people laugh and cry from the stage.

Thank you to community members that have supported and volunteered during our development process that are not listed above. We may not be able to name each of you individually but we feel the impact you have made. We acknowledge the emotional labor, love, care, shared resources and knowledge you provided. Your contribution and support over the years have been vital to the growth and expansion of this project. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your friendship and your unwavering belief in us.

You will always be apart of our team. Thank you!